The Sealite Team Visits Signify

Time of issue:2020-08-26


On August 24, 2020, the Sealite team visited Signify's PRC headquarter to learn more about smart space design and the latest lighting technologies.

Upon entry you immediately notice the technology-rich and modern design of the offices lighting architecture. 

After brief introductions, we were shown around the headquarters building by Signify's marketing manager with a display and overview of innovative products utilizing multi-color LED modules and fabrics, luminous carpets, "Hue" personalized intelligent lighting, customized 3D printing luminaires, LiFi technology applications, etc.

Next, Singnify's teams proceeded to outline the power, communication and control solutions utilized in the displays as Xitanium SR FlexTune, WIZ, linear driver solutions, Eco DALI, Flextone, master-connected software, ISO DS and Non ISO DS, point product, Certaflex CoB, Triac solutions, Certa LPF, and an array of other innovative solutions. 

The Sealite team proceeded Singnify's lab to review and test equipment such as EMC, Surge, Harmonic, 60/90 Tidal Boxes, and more.

The training expanded the Sealite team's horizons and provided a deeper understanding of modern enterprise management and development, production processes and corporate culture. 

"Fine, professional, innovative" these three keywords are more deeply imprinted in the hearts of all in attendance and "the pursuit of ingenuity, the pursuit of excellence, the pursuit of innovation" is engrained into our company and team culture as to work together to build a more brilliant and refined Sealite.